Tik Tok, the new place to advertise?


Let’s talk about the trendy new platform among the youngest: Tik Tok. This social media allows you to edit, view and share videos in a short and vertical format. It offers a wide range of music as well as special effects and filters, making it fun and exciting. But in practice, what makes this app different from its competitors? Socialsky explains everything to you.

Tik Tok’s success

As social media are used earlier and earlier by young people, Tik Tok naturally targeted this audience. Indeed, the average age group is 13-17 years old. What makes it so popular is that the application generates even more likes and shares than similar applications. This makes it very addictive for the young audience that is looking for visibility. It became very fast obvious for teenagers and young adults to join the community, leading to a new all-ages social media.

Tik Tok’s other strength is its reputation among celebrities who do not hesitate to praise the application or simply share videos on their account, creating a growing interest in this new media. The most notable example in this field is the presenter Jimmy Fallon who regularly launches challenges on his account, thus bringing together a real community.

In 2018, downloads of the application were increasing slowly but surely and finally exploded in early 2019, with more than 500 million users worldwide. The social media of Chinese origin first came to us through the USA – with the acquisition of Musical.ly by the group owning Tik Tok – where it spread at a lightning speed. The phenomenon then spread to Europe and more particularly to the UK, where its presence is very important, to finally reach Belgium.

Tik Tok and the others media

With Tik Tok, at first glance, there is nothing new in terms of design. Many other applications already offered content that was both ephemeral and entertaining. However, this social media differs from other media on one main point: Tik Tok has been able to benefit from the experience of its competitors. Therefore, Tik Tok concentrated itself on the most interactive form of shared content: The video. Goodbye 10 seconds pictures from Snapchat, and Feed full of pictures from Instagram. This focus, together with a highly-effective « content you might like » brings engagement at a very fast level, making this (yet young) community to be fully involved in the evolution of this no-more-anonymous Social Media.

This is a wonderful picture of using the second-mover advantage from Tik Tok.

As far as Facebook is concerned, there is no real parallel to establish since the social media giant offers many more services than Tik Tok. And even if the latter has seen rapid growth in recent months, it is far from having so many members. On the other hand, Facebook has this tendency to always adapt to what appears on the market, such as when they created Lasso to counter Tik Tok.
Tik Tok still has a long way to go before it can play in the same league as its competitors. In particular, it will have to continue to innovate and find new ways to attract both users and advertisers.

Tik Tok and the advertisers

To face its competitors, Tik Tok has therefore launched itself into advertising in order to make its application profitable. Although it does not yet have the stability of its peers, it already enjoys great popularity and an impressive growth rate, which makes it a potential marketing channel. Brands such as Guess have already created their hashtags (#inmydenim) to develop their brand. On the other hand, many celebrities have already started working with Tik Tok, which quickly created viral content. However, in Europe, advertisers are still rather cautious about the app. The trend at the moment is therefore towards observation rather than investment in advertising.

And you ? Would you advertise on Tik Tok today ?

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