Vertical is the new black


A few years ago, many people criticized vertical video syndrome. This way of making videos was considered unnatural and not respecting the usual codes (cinema, television, computer,…). Since then, this trend has been yet reversed and a revolution has just started! Socialsky analyses this phenomenon for you.

The main reason for the evolution of this new format is the increasingly common use of the smartphone.  Nowadays, more than 75% of users watch videos and go to social media through their mobile devices. Yet, most of them hold their smartphones vertically, whether to send a message, to call, to read an article or to go on the Internet. Therefore, it is natural to also hold their phone upright when watching a video. The vertical format thus appears in the logical continuity of mobile phone expansion.

In practice, what difference does it make?

This new way of filming with a 90° angle requires a certain expertise. It is a question of reviewing both perspectives and framing but also the way of telling. Vertically, there is less context, we go to the essential and the individual is placed in the foreground. This is why a good strategy based on creativity must absolutely take into account this format in order to deliver the right message through the image. The Socialsky agency helps you to make this adaptation a success!

And on social media?

It’s a revolution on social media. In particular, Facebook (Facebook, Inc.) has converted all its applications to this format, without exception. And since Youtube, an American video-sharing from Google LLC (part of Alphabet Inc.), has adapted to this image format, vertical videos are the ones that win the most views and those that are watched to the end.

Since then, many brands such as Nespresso, a coffee company part of the Nestlé Group, or Adidas, the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, have also gone vertical.

Vertical and your brand

If your goal is to be visible on social media then you have to adapt to what people are watching. This is why, today, social media strategies must focus on the vertical format.

In addition, the use of the vertical format sends a strong message to those who follow you: you are an innovative brand. You also develop your employer branding strategy by working on your company’s positive image. By entering the air of the vertical format you kill two birds with one stone.

The use of the vertical format must also take into account the global strategy of your brand. That is why it is recommended to call on specialists in order to offer your (potential) customers a coherent campaign that includes the various key elements of digital marketing. Socialsky is at your disposal to advise you and insert the vertical format into your strategy.

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