Ready for the new normal?


Ready for the new normal?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of communication in times of crisis. However, we are at the end of the lockdown and it is time to think about the post-crisis period. Socialsky explains the importance of communication in the post-crisis period and what this means for companies.

When Covid-19 arrived, almost a third of companies did not have a specific strategy for this kind of situation. As a result, two trends emerged. Either companies were abandoning the communication plan altogether, considering it to be a superficial financial and temporal investment. Or on the contrary, others realised the importance of good communication and therefore started to extend and intensify it. The information provided during this period had to be quick, clear, and reassuring. This method has paid off, with 38 % of the companies surveyed observing an improvement in their relationship with the customer. This crisis has therefore been synonymous with opportunities since it has enabled many companies to create a link with their customers.

According to a survey conducted by Bepublic among a hundred or so Belgian companies, 77 % of companies will continue to use the tools they developed during the crisis. However, unlike crisis communication, exit communication will need to be carefully thought out and prepared. It will therefore be necessary to succeed in the delicate exercise of slowly returning to the pre-crisis state while learning for future communication management. On the one hand, it is above all a question of keeping this link developed with the client. On the other hand, because companies have experienced cash flow problems, it will be all the more important to develop an effective strategy where the effects will be rapid and quantifiable.

Where to communicate

During this confinement, the connection time on social medias has increased significantly. It is therefore important to be present on them so that your customers feel accompanied during this period. It is not about being there just when you have something to sell, you must think long term and build a lasting relationship. But that is not all, you must also use this time to rethink your website and make it more ergonomic to increase the time of visit. You can also start a blog or enrich it to bring a plus to your offer: the advice and information you communicate to your customers is what sets you apart from the competition.

What and how to communicate

As social and societal paradigms are changing, it is essential to know how to communicate in a fair and sincere manner in order to maintain a relationship of trust and proximity with your target audience. It will also be a question of highlighting the added value of your company and being coherent and credible to your audience. If you ask your customers to be loyal to you, you must in turn prove to them that they are making the right choice by trusting you and following you. It is thus not only a question of keeping a more sustained frequency of communication but also of communicating differently in order to get closer to the human being and share a real experience with the other.

For all these reasons, it is essential to develop a strong communication strategy considering various scenarios for your company. Despite the changes that may occur in the company due to exceptional events or not, you must keep a guideline so that your customers are not lost in the flow of information. This is why Socialsky offers you solutions adapted to your company and supports you in the management of your online communication in the short and long term.

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