Digital marketing: in or out of the company?


When developing a communication strategy, it is decisive to consider the importance of digital marketing. Should this service be outsourced or, on the contrary, should the company’s internal skills be used? At Socialsky, we believe in the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing to specialized agencies and here is why:

Human resources

Digital marketing requires a high level of competence and continuous monitoring of technical developments. There are of course synergies between on and offline marketing but each of them must develop their own strategy and require specific skills. While your company needs to have a person in charge of marketing, it is advisable to use professionals with in-depth digital marketing skills. This will ensure that you get the most out of each other’s areas of expertise.

The use of a digital media agency also offers you greater flexibility in terms of staff, depending on the sector, the size of your company, your customers, etc. Thanks to an external agency, you have access to the necessary skills for a certain period of time, whether for the launch of a new product or for any other on-time action. This prevents you from having under- or overworked staff and thus improving the profitability and efficiency of your company but also the well-being of your employees.


Thanks to a specialized agency, you pay for the services you need, no more and no less. You call on them whenever you want and you are sure to receive quality work on time. What you gain in personnel costs, you also gain in efficiency and time. You will not have more efficient and technically advanced than someone who dedicates a 100% of their time to digital marketing. And it is this knowledge of the latest techniques that will allow the digital marketer to optimize your media budget by proposing either the same project for a lower budget or a more elaborate project for the same amount of money.

Insight from outside

An undeniable advantage of outsourcing is that it involves… external people. It is precisely because it has no part in the company that the digital agency can help develop its online marketing strategy. On the one hand, it brings a new perspective to the company, since it is in the same position as the customer. On the other hand, the digital agency working on various projects in various sectors has an overview of what is being done on the market. In addition, the experience of the digital marketer makes it easier and faster to identify which techniques will or will not work depending on the strategy and message sent.

For all these reasons, we recommend to put your project in expert hands so you can focus on your company’s core business while knowing that the digital marketing strategy will be perfectly integrated into your overall communication plan.


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