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Reels, the new Tik Tok?

A few days ago, Instagram launched a brand-new feature on its social media: Reels. This feature, already available in 50 countries, allows to create short videos (15 sec). For those…

Ready for the new normal?

Ready for the new normal? Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of communication in times of crisis. However, we are at the end of the…
Post crisis communication - Covid19

Tik Tok, the new place to advertise?

Let’s talk about the trendy new platform among the youngest: Tik Tok. This social media allows you to edit, view and share videos in a short and vertical format. It…

Digital marketing: in or out of the company?

When developing a communication strategy, it is decisive to consider the importance of digital marketing. Should this service be outsourced or, on the contrary, should the company’s internal skills be…

Voice marketing or how to seduce Alexa

Multitasking is an art mastered by women according to stereotypes. It is true that many young ladies are here today to make our lives easier. You may know them, their…

Vertical is the new black

A few years ago, many people criticized vertical video syndrome. This way of making videos was considered unnatural and not respecting the usual codes (cinema, television, computer,…). Since then, this…

Employer branding et réseaux sociaux, on like ?

Une image vaut mieux qu’un long discours. Nombreux sont ceux qui l’ont compris mais plus rares sont ceux qui ont su l’appliquer avec brio. Aujourd’hui, les employeurs également se mettent…

Socialsky : Un pure player dans …

Notre objectif est de créer une communication efficace entre votre marque et votre client (potentiel) afin d’optimiser votre visibilité et notoriété. Il s’agit de capter l’attention de votre audience cible…